Emenac Inc. is a multi-millionaire setup today, since it emergence in 1997. Soon after beginning its operation, the company successfully achieved its short-term goals. Owing to its unparalleled competencies, Emenac Inc. grew to acclaim global recognition. That’s when the need for an offshore unit raised, resulting in offshore setups in Pakistan and Australia. Due to its out of the box thinking and sheer professionalism, Emenac is enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship and is serving 60% of its clients from United States Market since last 5 years, and 27% in Canadian Market since last 2 years successfully. According to the general statics, Emenac Inc. currently has 28% of its clientele in United States, 22% in the Canada, 15 % in Australia, 16% in UK and 19% in other European countries. Emenac Inc. is definitely destined to prosper and keep expanding its market.

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    The company was founded in 1997. It began initially as a software house named ‘INTELLISOFT INC.’ which was later rebranded as DANSOFT.

    As 1999 approached, our company was ready to take sail in international territory of USA and that’s when EMENAC INC. born!

    Now we were free to explore international market trends undergoing in Canada and USA, which “we did” that’s the restart of our journey.

    Soon enough, Emenac Inc. began its venture in travel industry to an unexpected success. With a brigade of talented individuals on team, we made our mark in various fields like web development and online marketing. As times progressed, the business expanded and company formed powerful corporate alliances. Thereafter, it also started recruitment and financial services provision. To accommodate and ease the working relationship, Emenac Inc. added on many service areas. Hence, as a brand of various business units, Emenac took its current shape.

    Gradually, Emenac Inc. launched “Call Center” in 2003 which presently offers a wide range of customer support and call handling services from IT service providers to work market to finance sectors, from shipping management companies to moving industry all over the world. Now, we have groomed in technological innovations, consultancy and outsourcing service areas, through unbeatable infrastructure model along with unshakable determination of minds Today, Emenac Inc. works with its clients in a highly professional yet friendly environment. Thus, enabling them to not just have their problem solved proficiently but also identify the problem hindering their business progress. We work up practicable options, which are easily implicated to meet the unique business needs and requirements of client businesses.

    Emenac Inc. specializes in a number of services related to outsourcing, consultancy and technology. Since its inception, it has been focused on a wide range of highest quality services deliverance to members of the corporate world and has achieved its goals rather satisfactorily.

    Emenac has maintained its client’s trust by offering skilled services through specialized teams. With its journey spread over two decades, Emenac Inc. has experience of working with almost two dozen business ventures. We are proud to inform that our revenue tends to increase 10%-20% during each fiscal year.

    Emenac Inc. is also known for its one step partnership capacity. We are a cultural organization that operates in a quality environment to promote progress, integrate technology and provide practicable solution to its clients. We are affordable, without the risk of fraud and your firm can reach all its benchmark goals by pairing up with such an international modern day BPO service provider.



    Emenac Inc. has infrastructural hierarchy, which is led by top professionals as the board of directors who share liabilities and are responsible for their relevant departments. All these departments collaborate ideas and effort in completion of a project, given that we are a project-based company. For each project, a new team is formed on electoral basis with skill as eligibility criteria. One most skilled team member is chosen as project manager who acts as a head is accountable to the client. After completion of said project, the team dissolves and the members return to their designated position.

    The physical setup of the company is state-of-the-art. The building is equipped with high tech resources featuring backup and security arrangement. The high power generators ensure the electricity flow. Our units are proofed against disaster (including emergency exits, controlled temperature, fireproof fittings, security alarms and rescue drills and measurements). Entire database is copied for backup and kept in fireproof storage locations. We also possess four latest speed internet connections accentuated through dedicated fiber optic lines run the entire system combining with efficient computer systems that are intermittently upgraded. Interior of the office space is designed and furnished to accommodate and suit all work-shifts, making the work environment professional and comfortable.

    As far as the physical setup of the company is concerned, the system includes a high-tech building featuring all sorts of security arrangements as well as backup systems. The security plan involves earthquake resistant features, emergency exits, temperature controlled environments, fireproof fittings, security alarms and fire fighting and rescue equipment. Backup is maintained for the entire data in fireproof areas whereas backup for the electricity is maintained through high-powered generators. Four high-speed internet connections accentuated through dedicated fiber optic lines run the entire system combining with efficient computer systems that are intermittently upgraded. Lighting and furniture of the workspaces have also been specifically designed so as to keep the operations perfected.

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      • Syed Awais Gillani
      • CEO
      • awais@emenac.com
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      • Muhammad Mazhar
      • Diretor
      • mazhar@emenac.com

      Welcome to the Emenac Inc., I am glad that you took time to know us a little better.

      Being in service business, I can’t help but feel proud of everything Emenac Inc. has accomplished against all odds since ’97. But in spite of its dynamic progressive state, we at Emenac Inc. never have nor will lose the sight of our heritage, culture and history. Since Emenac Inc.’s inception we have built relationship in corporate world that we steadily nurtured over time. Our clients especially under “Call Center Subunit” are associated with numerous business sectors and countries, which are real reason behind our groomed and variant service modules.

      But there is something that matters more to us than our clientele i.e. our employees. We strongly believe in equal employment opportunity, in protection and development of our biggest assets, that’s off course are “our people”. We appreciate technological evolution and we have adapt to it, but our human resources is accredited for our successful market position. We keep them motivated and self-fulfilled and in return they give us best ever customer satisfaction score.

      “Values build trust and loyalty”, give valuable opportunities to your employees, and eventually you will end up being tycoon of your industry.

      Emenac Inc. is a community based organization, made up of individuals who are equally enthusiastic about giving back to the community. I believe that’s why I feel so proud to be a part of such organization where core values & morals are retained and practiced like beloved traditions.

      Awais Gillani,
      Chief Executive Officer, Emenac Inc.