Why Choose Emenac?

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PHP Developer

Skills Required: html, ajax, css, javascript, php, python, mysql, media, web development, Job ...

7-May-2012 | Apply Now

Web Developer

Skills Required: html, ajax, css, javascript, php, python, mysql, media, web development, Job ...

30-Aug-2012 | Apply Now

    1. How do I apply for an internship?

    If you wish to begin with one, all what you need to do is to click and ‘Apply Here’. Next, fill in the form, upload your CV and send in all the necessary details. Once you have submitted the form, you are registered with us and ready to go.

    2. When can I apply for an internship?

    You can apply for the internship at any time that you feel interested. To begin working with us, you will be called within one week.

    3. Will I get any stipend for the internship?

    Emenac does not offer any stipend to its internees. However, if we like the talent of any internee after observing him/her for 2-3 months, we may hire him or her for a starting salary of PKR 5000 to PKR 8000, depending on the job.

    4. Who can apply for the internship?

    As far as our internship is concerned, students who have completed their high school education and the ones ahead are eligible to apply. Apart from students, holders of fresh bachelor or master degree can also apply.

    5. When can I apply for a job?

    All interested applicants can drop in their CVs at anytime all throughout the year. The CV will be saved in our database. As soon as a vacancy for the related job will come up, the shortlisted applicants will be called up for interviews or any other formalities.

    6. What qualification profile would be acceptable to Emenac?

    There is no particular status of applicants’ profiles that Emenac looks up for. Every applicant should have qualifications in accordance to the job applied for and the application will be accepted for procession.

    7. Would I be considered for a new vacancy after my application has been rejected once?

    Yes definitely. For any reason, if your application had been rejected at any time for any reason, you will be automatically re-considered if a vacancy, related to your line of work, is found. For the purpose, you will not need to undergo the procedures or fulfill any formalities again.

    8. What is the hiring procedure at Emenac?

    The entire hiring process for jobs is handled by Emenac’s HR department. Job posting, receiving the applications, interviewing, selecting and all other relevant hiring matters are handled by the recruiting line management. After going through all the CVs and interview results which may include skills and perhaps, job experience, the HR department decides which applicant is most eligible for a particular job. A call is then made or an email sent by one of our recruiters to the selected candidate(s) and the date of joining conveyed.

    9. If I get hired, what would be my probation period?

    At Emenac, the probation period is 4 months for which time; we observe not just the talents of the employee but also enhancement and development. After an observation of 4 months time, if we like the performance and see as positive developmental graph, the probated employee will be hired permanently.

    10. Does Emenac offer permanent jobs or contract-based jobs?

    Emenac offers both kinds of jobs. It depends on the nature of the project for which an employee is hired, whether he/she is to stay for a limited time period or work with us permanently. Whatever might be the case, the employee is told at the time he/she is hired.

    11. What information does Emenac expect me to be disclosing?

    There are no restrictions and limits as per which an applicant would inform us about him or herself. However, we expect every applicant to be honest as our interviews and selection process will include checking the applicant accordingly and verifying the information. Any applicant found guilty of providing false information will be disqualified. As part of special tips, you are recommended to provide the most up-to-date information and most recent work information and quantify the skills and achievements to be clear about your record.

    12. How long does the entire process take?

    Emeanc recognizes the value of time and ensures that it completes the process as soon as possible. At the time of the submission of applications, applicants for jobs as well as internships will be informed about the time period the procedure would take to complete, depending on the situation.

    13. On what grounds does Emenac do the recruitment and which applicants are mostly held on priority?

    Emenac’s recruiting process is dependant entirely on qualifications, skills, experience and expertise. The company makes no decisions on the basis of race, cast, color, creed or nationality. If the qualifications are up to the demand of the job posting, even educational background does not matter which could be American system, British, Pakistani or any other. Financial or social status is no point of consideration but formally suited applicants with good communication skills are kept on priority.

    14. Any references required?

    Yes, we do demand references but this rule is not based on the socio-economic status of the reference and leads to no cases of intercession. It is just to ensure the security of the company and the reference could be anyone from family or acquaintances.