Our Clients

Offering commendable services, Emenac has attracted clients from all around the world. Today, it is working with a number of businesses and amassing its portfolio with a great diversity of fields. The company extends its heartiest thanks to its clients and hopes to continue a healthy working relationship with them.

img1 Kash Mart International Kash Mart is a leading Mortgages, Loans and Money Services Business. It is reregulated by numerous known agencies such as Office of Fair Trade, Fintrac, HM Excise and Fincen as well as authorities from various countries including Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, South Africa, India, China, United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Netherlands and Germany. The company makes no investment in personal belongings of the client but keeping the processes simple, safe and easy, offer money services to its clients making their future, safer and happier. http://www.kash-mart.com/

img1 Get My Meal GetMyMeal is a website that welcomes restaurateurs to have their page made on the website and get the more customers through a state-of-the-art online ordering system. With the restaurant mentioned on the website, the whole menu of the restaurant appears, GetMyMeal sends the orders to the restaurant though fax and a new customer is given to the restaurant. Due to the large usage of internet and success of e-commerce, this technique has worked very well for many restaurants and many more are coming to make use of it. http://www.getmymeal.com/

img1 Airgle Corp. Since more than a decade, Airgle has been providing air purification systems and is one of the top-notch brands of its kind in the United States. Owing to the increasing pollution in our cities today, the need to purify the air has become obvious and Airgle has successfully met the demands of the time. It is offering a wide range of air purifiers and serves not just the homes but also smaller rooms, hospitals, public spots and many other areas. http://www.airgle.com/

img1 Placid Way Placid Way is a company which deals with medical tourism. It is a fantastic choice for beauty conscious people who are willing to get treatments and attend wellness programs which would help them revive to look and feel younger. Placid Way is well connected to cosmetic centers and hospitals all around the globe and helps people take appointments according to their problems and fly to certain place easily for a treatment. For those in need of medical help, it is a good place to consult. http://www.placidway.com/

img1 Need Battery NEEDBATTERY.COM is an online battery mart, from where; the visitors can buy batteries of almost all electronics used in homes these days. The website deals in all kinds of batteries from coin batteries to alkaline batteries and a wide range of products from digital cameras to flashlights to electronic batteries. Completing the needs of people, it is a commendable online business which is aimed at selling one of the highest used items of the time. http://www.needbattery.com/