Why should I outsource my business processes in Pakistan?

    Pakistan is a country that is known all around the globe for its intelligent populace. Hence, this is where you will not only find talented labor but also cost effectiveness. Since talent is widespread in this part of the world, it creates competition and hence, every company tends to keep its prices attractive. Emenac has hired some of the most proficient workforce and is currently leading in terms of price and quality.


    How would Emenac in particular, help me grow the business?

    Emenac is home to a wide range of services and is flexible enough to formulate strategies as per the needs and requirements of your business. It has already been a consolidator of more than 125 airlines since 1997, and has also been serving many companies and industries since quite some time now. This is something that validates its friendly terms and conditions. When it comes to selecting the services, the choice is left totally up to you and you can make a choice with assistance of our team. As you desire, you can opt for one or more than one of our services from software development to call center etc and pave ways for your business to grow in a better environment.


    Would Emenac help me set up an offshore office in case I need one?

    Yes certainly. We can surely set up an offshore office for you and also hire the staff. In addition, we can also create the infrastructure for your office. We can also have the entire work done from scratch to completion and make policies well in accordance to the governmental law of the country. Dedicated to provide our clients with every possible facility and complete satisfaction, Emenac also gives professional guidance for success and extension of the offshore settlement.


    Could Emenac sign joint ventures if I require?

    Yes. As per Emenac’s aim, it is verified that the company tends to work and formulate its policies in every way that could benefit its client businesses. Hence, if a joint venture is the requirement, Emenac would definitely contribute administration and equity in order to set up a new entity and let the business prosper. Expiration, sharing of revenue and all other necessary matters would be settled as per the law and hence, keep you secure and satisfied.


    What about the payment?

    In order to keep you comfortable with the payment process, we provide you with choices of check payment and wire payment. For an online overview of (link)payment methods (link), our website will give you more details. However, if you have any other mode of payment in mind, you are welcome to call us and discuss the matter with our sales representatives. You will surely find the best possible solution.

    At what times can I contact the representatives of Emenac?

    Since Emenac is working globally, particularly for clients in the UK, the United States, Australia, Canada, India and Pakistan, it works nearly 24/7 in order to be able to comply with all time zones and hence, be able to help its clients at anytime that they notify.


    In order to outsource my business process, which communication mode would be the best one for me?

    You have been given all options by Emenac including phone, live chat, e-mail and online buying facility and it is all for your ease that it has kept all the options open. You can select any option that you feel comfortable with.


    How does Emenac manage to handle applications that have been given on a short-notice?

    Emenac’s team works and hears queries 24/7. Hence your problems can reach us whenever you drop them in. However, in case of national holidays, if the team would not be available, your application will be processed on the next working day. Thus, applications sent on short-notice are handled as soon as possible.


    Emenac boasts one of the biggest banners in the BPO world and larger brands only concentrate on their top 20 clients? How do I ensure that I will be treated satisfactorily while not being in the Top 20 list?

    This might be true in case of other BPO companies but at Emenac, all the clients are treated equally. Whether you are our first day client or a ten year old client, we will make no difference in your status and always work to the fullest of satisfaction.


    I have no previous experience working with Emenac. How do I verify its credibility?

    Emenac has maintained an appreciable image throughout its 14 years in the business. However, for your satisfaction, you can check out the clients’ feedbacks on the company’s website. In addition, you can also see Emenac’s profiles on other outsourcing websites to read the feedback from clients. For your satisfaction, we can also provide you with references of our clients with whom you can have a detailed conversation and find out more about us.


    Emenac is quite competent when it comes to pricing. How does it maintain the quality and standards in such low prices?

    Pakistan is full of highly qualified and talented individuals, which creates a high rate of competition in the country, thus lowering the prices. By hiring well certified individuals, Emenac has managed to maintain cost effectiveness along with quality.

    What is outsourcing and how can it benefit me?

    Outsourcing involves contracting out any of your business processes, to a third party, that have been running for a long time and are stable. Once contracted out, the third party maintains and manages the process and you have all the time to concentrate on core competencies. In addition, it allows you to save expenses regarding equipment, labor and everything else.

    What are the steps involved in getting started with Emenac?

    Emenac provides you with paid trial-basis for any of your on-going projects. Following the trial period, we guarantee that you will turn out satisfied with our largely recognized services. Once you give us the green signal, we can shift the trial-basis to permanent ones and get started with the task.


    I know someone who has not had a good experience with outsourcing. How do I ensure that it is safe for me to begin with Emenac?

    It has happened in many cases that people turned unhappy with their experience of outsourcing. It is primarily because of the selection of a bad company. Before you begin with us, you can check up on our credibility by visiting our website and checking the feedback from our clients or following up Emenac’s profile on various outsourcing websites and reading the feedbacks. After reading, we guarantee that you will be ready to go with us.


    Is Emenac’s team well versed in English language?

    Yes. Fluency of speaking and a credible ability of understanding the language are two of the major criterions that validate an individual’s job at Emenac. Hence our entire team is well versed in English and can communicate in it effectively.

    Is it safe for me to share data over the internet or telephonically?

    Emenac is a registered brand and begins every project through a complete legal procedure. Its consultants are all highly qualified and well trained and record all the call for maintenance of quality. Thus, sharing any kind of information with Emenac’s consultants is absolutely safe and this service can be trusted .We have policies that include making contract with employs in order to keep both sides secure. Moreover, if the business process earns us more than $2000 per month, we can also sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).


    How would I be able to communicate with the agent on daily basis and stay updated?

    You can keep in touch with our agents via e-mail, through live messengers or over the phone. Our team will be ready to keep in touch with you just the way that you will be comfortable. Also, we give each of our clients a login ID at the time they sign up with us. You can access this account from Emenac’s website and check out the updates from the agent and also add your requirements and queries.


    I want to start off with an hourly-paid deal. How do I assure that the time is being utilized in a productive way?

    Monitoring the process is your right and Emenac is delighted to entertain this demand. The company has two options for you. Either we can report you on hourly basis via the different media that we have including client ID, live chat, e-mail etc. Or, we can have a tracker installed on your computer that will help you monitor the agent’s computers by getting you the snaps of the task being done after each hour. Thus, you will know how far your work has progressed and if it is even going in the desired direction.


    Why do I need consultancy service?

    A consultancy service can help you find out about any of our services or get you out of a problem that you might be encountering. Moreover, it can help you discuss the issues facing your business and find solutions to them. Hence, a consultancy service is one of the biggest problem solvers for every business owner.


    What if I call up and all operators are busy?

    Emenac’s customer support works 24/7, realizing the time differences in different parts of the world. Hence, there is no way that a client calls up and finds no one online. Also, our e-mail consultancy efficiently functions day and night and replies as soon as possible. In case the agents are busy, all what you will need to do is to leave your name, number, message and/or e-mail id and you will be contacted as soon as possible, either telephonically or through e-mail or live chat.


    I want to participate in charity with Emenac but also need to ensure that the alms that I raise are invested at the right place and for the right cause. What do I do?

    We would be humbled to see you participate in this noble cause and welcome you wholeheartedly to participate with us in charity. If you are willing to do so, you can pay us whenever you like. It could be just once or continuously with a set interval of time. If you wish to continue raising alms, you can do this on hourly basis, monthly or weekly; just as you feel like. For more details on (link)payment methods(link), please browse through our website. Our website, news feed and blog will be updated every month and there you will be able to see Emenac’s participation in different areas for charity and social causes.