The following policy is to explain what information might collect about its visitors or subscribers and the rules and regulations according to which, the website may or may not wish to share that information, whatsoever it might be, with a third party.  

    Collection of Information:

    For a casual visit to the website, we do not collect any identifiable information of the visitor. However, we do keep a track of the domains from which it is visited in order to take note of the demographics of the site traffic. We can also identify the country from which we are being contacted, the city, the browser being used, the search engine used to look for our website, the keyword put into the search engine or the domain that brought the visitor to our website as well as the page on which that particular visitor might be.

    We would require personally identifiable information in case the visitor requests information from the website or in any way, trends to contact the Emenac team. In this case, information such as name, address, email id(s), fax number(s), contact number(s) etc in order to be able to communicate with the visitor, identify and regard him/her in person. The website may also record the IP address and send cookies for collection of data.

    Assigning IP addresses:

    IP addresses are identifying number that is automatically assigned to computers while they are surfing the web. Emenac automatically reads the IP address of each computer and saves it in its database. The next time, when the same computer hits the link, the computer is identified and its server is logged in. Thus the session is restored. Even though this process eases the visit, the visitor remains anonymous to Emenac and personally, unidentified.

    Use of email addresses:

    Email addresses are used, only for contacting the visitor and to provide him/her with the information requested. They are thus used for answering questions, queries and requests. We can also use email addresses to send other information from time to time assuming it to be, a personalized communication between the visitor of the website and us.

    Information regarding services might be sent to our visitors on the same email address by us or any of our business partners. If the user wishes to opt out of receiving those mails, he/she will have to contact the sender directly.

    Security of Data:

    We, at Emenac try our best to keep the collected data safe and assure its security, especially that of the confidential personally identifiable information. We take all precautionary measures and ensure the privacy of the information. We consider electronic measures, management as well as implementation of physical tactics to ensure safety and security.

    Changing the Given Information:

    This website gives to every of its visitor, the right to know whether Emenac has any of his/her information or not. If Emenac would, the visitor would be allowed to have it changed in case, it is required to be changed for any reason. The changes can be emailed to Emenac and the new information will be added in the database. Changing Privacy Policy: Owing to changes in Emenac’s services, if any, we will update this privacy policy whenever required. Our customers are recommended to view it from time to time in order to stay updated regarding how their privacy is being maintained. For any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy, we welcome visitors of the website and our customers to contact us through our website.